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Outplacement Partner Chartwell Financial Planners

We are delighted to welcome Chartwell Financial Planners to our collaboration.

Financial Wellbeing

Redundancy can be a challenging and uncertain time both emotionally and financially.  Losing the economic security of your job can be overwhelming and having access to clear, practical guidance during this transition can provide much needed clarity and the ability to forward plan appropriately.

Personal & Professional

Chartwell Financial Planners provide a dedicated service focused entirely on financial well-being.  Jo Dugdale, founder of Chartwell Financial Planners, has worked in Financial Services since 1997 and is experienced in all areas of financial planning – including protection, investments, pensions and retirement planning.

Effective Financial Planning

Through the provision of financial planning and advice to individuals, families and business owners on the Isle of Man, Jo specialises in lifetime cashflow planning to provide clarity on your financial future.

Passionate about making sure your finances are on track so you can live a great life, Chartwell’s approach is dedicated to firstly ensuring that you are financially safe and protected from the unknown, seeking to then make best use of your assets to build your wealth; ultimately so you don’t have to worry about money.

Smart Advice

Jo recognises that Financial Services is more complicated now than it’s ever been, and is dedicated to making the process simple and straightforward, offering smart advice that allows you to make wise financial decisions, and to remain in control of your money.

Comprehensive & Tailored Support

Experienced in all areas of financial planning, Jo will consider every tool available to assist you, including cashflow management, protection, investments, pensions and retirement planning.

Organising your financial arrangements can appear to be a complex process and one that many people put off until they have to.  Chartwell Financial Planners understand this and are passionate about providing great financial planning advice that is personal, tailored and simple.

Collaboration & Understanding

We’re delighted to extend the qualified, accessible and empathetic support from Chartwell Financial Planners through our collaboration; supporting people when they need it most through the delivery of practical, financial and emotional outplacement solutions, tailored for the Isle of Man.   

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