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We are delighted to welcome PQ Performance to our Workology collaboration, delivering their unique wealth of renowned executive, mindset and performance coaching.

Positive psychology & mental resilience

Phil, Steve, and the PQ team lend their renowned and respected expertise to support our Workology programmes, through the delivery of strategic workshops and executive coaching, underpinned with positive psychology to develop a proactive approach to improve mental health, performance, and resilience.

Leaving an organisation through redundancy or other involuntary exits can be an emotive and challenging time, regardless if this is from your first role or as an accomplished business leader.  

Social & emotional well-being

Directly affecting an individual’s social and emotional well-being, in addition to financial distress, the impact of redundancy on mental health can be aligned to that of bereavement, experiencing a deep sense of loss and bringing up a range of emotions from denial, anger, and embarrassment to even a sense of relief.  This is often compared to the six stages of grief, as stated by Kübler-Ross. 

Redundancy can also threaten an individual’s self-concept, identity, and self-definition; work serves a social purpose, and redundancy can mean losing this important social contact, in addition to the more visual and practical challenges faced.

Emotional & financial gains

Appropriate interventions can be crucial to enable a positive onward transition, and our focus is to drive effective, impactful outplacement services providing both emotional and financial gains.

We have designed our Workology programmes to establish a positive mindset as a priority whilst we support the identification of future objectives and then equip with the practical skills, knowledge, and access needed to navigate today’s jobs market and workplace effectively.

Tailored impact when it’s needed most

We have worked with PQ Performance during the last 12 months in developing our own team, in addition to understanding the positive impact experienced by many Isle of Man executives and businesses through their work with Phil.  

We’re delighted to extend this quality provision to our Workology clients and enable individuals impacted by redundancy to engage with full-circle support and guidance tailored to individual requirements at their point of need.

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